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What does -_- mean?

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What is -_-?

-_- is "Annoyed, tired"

-_- Definition / -_- Means

The definition of -_- is "Annoyed, tired"

The Meaning of -_-

-_- means "Annoyed, tired"
So now you know - -_- means "Annoyed, tired" - don't thank us. YW!
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Other terms relating to 'annoyed':
>,< Angry, annoyed
AAAHHH In destress, or annoyed.
BEASTMODE annoyed, angry, furious
GUH Annoyed, angry
SALTY Upset, annoyed, embarrassed
VEXED Angry, annoyed
X.X Exasperated, irritated, annoyed
Other terms relating to 'tired':
=.= Tired
E_E Tired, exhausted
NACKERED Tired, worn out
ZONKED Very tired or inebriated
ZZZ Sleepy, bored or tired


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