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Computer Slang beginning with the letter V

On this site you will find a list of slang terms, acronyms and abbreviations as used in websites, ICQ chat rooms, blogs, SMS, and Internet forums - a complete dictionary of slang. This page lists these acronyms beginning with V.
Please note that a few of the words stand for phrases containing words that may be offensive to some people. In those cases we have substituted asterisks, or similar, for the words in question.
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V Very
V-SAFE Had a vasectomy
V.V Sad
V/R Very Respectfully
V4V Vote For Vote
V8 Engine type
Vegetable drink
VA Various Artists
VAC Valve Anti-Cheat
VACA Vacation, holiday
VACAY Vacation
VAMP A Femme Fatale
Pulling An All Nighter
VANILLA Unexciting, conventional
VAPE Inhale vapor from E-cigarettes
VAT Value Added Tax
VATO Dude (Mexican)
VBD Very Big Deal
VBG Very Big Grin
VBL Visible Bra Line
VBR Variable Bit Rate
VBS Very Big Smile
VC Voice Chat
VCARD Virtual (online) business card
VCD Video Compact Disc
VCR Video Cassette Recorder
VDU Visual Display Unit
VEEP VP, Vice President
VEG Sit around and do nothing
VENT Ventrilo (internet chat program)
VER Version
VERLAN French reverse slang (from l'anvers)
VERS Versatile
VET Veteran
VEXED Angry, annoyed
VF VampireFreaks
VFM Value For Money
VFX Visual Effects
VG Video Game
Very Good
VGA Video Graphics Array/Adaptor
VGC Very Good Condition
VGG Very Good Game
VGL Very Good Looking
VGM Video Game Music
VH1 Video Hits One (TV channel)
VHF Very High Frequency
VHS Video Home System
VIBE Atmosphere, ambience
VIBIN Hanging, chilling
VID Video
VIG Interest paid on a loan
VIN Vehicle Identification Number
VIP Very Important Person
VIXEN Attractive woman
VIZ Adult comic
Namely (videlicet in Latin)
VJ Video Jockey (like DJ with lights and video)
VLAN Virtual Local Area Network
VLOG Video Log
VLOGGER Video blogger
VLSI Very Large-Scale Integration
VM Voice Mail
VMA Video Music Awards
VMI Virginia Military Institute
VN Very Nice
VNC Virtual Network Computing
VNDS Very Near Dead Stock
VNH Very Nice Hand (in online card games, especialy poker)
VNS Very Nice Shot
VOA Voice Of America
VOD Video-On-Demand
VOIP Voice Over IP - internet telephony
VOL Volume
VOM Vomit
VP Vice President
VPL Visible Panty Line
VPN Virtual Private Network
VR Virtual Reality
VS Versus, against
VT Video Tape
VTEC Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control System
VTL Visible Thong Line
VTPR View To Permanent Relationship
VTR Video Tape Recorder
VV Very Very
VVN Very Very Nice
VVV Refering to comment below
VW Volkswagen
VWP Very Well Played
Very Well Put
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