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On this site you will find a list of slang terms, acronyms and abbreviations as used in websites, ICQ chat rooms, blogs, SMS, and Internet forums - a complete dictionary of slang. This page lists the miscellaneous acronyms.
Please note that a few of the words stand for phrases containing words that may be offensive to some people. In those cases we have substituted asterisks, or similar, for the words in question.
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# Twitter hashtag
#1 Number one
$ Dollar, money
$_$ Has money
%) Drunk, giddy
& Ampersand
Represents The Word 'And'
'S Wrongly displayed 's
>< Frustration
>,< Angry, annoyed
>.> Suspicious, wary
>.< Frustrated, angry, upset, in pain
>//< Embarrassed, blushing
>3 Evil but happy
Hate (opposite of <3)
>:( Angry
>:) Evil Grin
>:D Scheming
>:D< Hug
>:O Angry
>O< Yelling
>_> Looking left, shifty look
>_< Frustrated
&HEARTS; HTML code for a heart
<# Misspelling of <3
<> Not equal
No comment
<>< Fish
<.< Shifty look
</3 Broken Hearted
<2 Not quite love (<3)
<3 Love (heart shape)
<333 Multiple hearts
<3U Love You
<4 More than love (<3)
<B Hate
<G> Grin
<_< Sarcasm, look left
'98 1998
'EM Them
(!) Sarcasm
('_') Emoticon Representing Boredom
(.)(.) Female Breasts
(8) Musical note (MSN)
(: Happy
(A) Angel (MSN)
(H) Cool dude emoticon (MSN)
(K) Kiss (MSN)
(L) Love heart (MSN)
(N) Thumbs down (MSN)
(S) Seriously
(U) Heartbroken
(Y) Thumbs up (MSN)
(YN) Fingers crossed (MSN)
(^^^) Shark
(_8^(I) Homer Simpson
({)(}) Two People Hugging
* Indicating a spelling correction
*$ Starbucks
*$$ Starbucks
*<:-) Clown
*.* Every file on a computer
*G* Grin
*HUG* A Cyberhug
*O* Confused, surprised, shocked
*S* Salute
*\O/* Cheerleader
*_* In love, dazed
+1 Partner
Me too
+REP Boost reputation on XBox Live
+_+ Dead man
-.- Annoyance
-_- Annoyed, tired
.-. Sad, unhappy
... Speechless
A Trailing Thought
.BIZ Top level domain for business
.CO Alternative to .COM
.COM Top level domain for commerce
.EDU Top level domain for education
.GOV Top level domain for governments
.MIL Top level domain for the military
.NET Top level domain originally for network providers
.ORG Top level domain for non-profit organizations
._. Emoticon Representing Apathy
/.\ Shy
// Love, I love you
/:) Sign Of Flirtation
Sign Of Suspicion
/AC Anti-Capitalist. Used to preface the posting of a comment or article that is im
/B/ 4chan's random image board
/O/ Happy, arms in the air
/O\ Frustrated, hands on head
/R/ Requesting
/S Sarcasm
/THREAD End of a thread on a forum
/W Whisper
:$ Embarrassed
:& Tongue tied, speechless
:> Mischievous smile
:< Sad, frowning
:'( Crying
:') Crying with joy
:( Unhappy, sad
:(:) Pig
:(|) Monkey
:) Happy
:* Kiss
:-( Sad
:-) Smile
:-* Kiss
:-D Laughing
Big Smile
:-P Emoticon Of Someone Sticking Their Tongue Out
:/ Sarcasm
:0 Surprised, shocked
:3 Cute/goofy face
:9 Yum, licking
:? Confused
:@ Angry
:B Buck teeth
:C Very Sad
:D Happy
:DD Very happy
:F Drooling
:J Smirk
:K Vampire teeth
Snake's tongue
:L Laughing
:O Surprised
:O) Clown nose smiley face
:P Sticking tongue out
:Q Smoking
:S Confused
:T Side smile
:X Zipped lips
:[ Sad
:\ Emoticon Meaning Confusion
:] Happy
:{) Happy with a moustache
:| Disgust, disapproval, not funny
;( Crying
;) Wink
;-) Wink
;; Sad
;D Wink
;O Joking
;P Winking and sticking tongue out
;P; Misspelling of LOL
= Equals
Complete Transformation
=) Happy
=* Kiss
=.= Tired
=/= Not equal to
=0 Surprised, shocked
=3 Cute/goofy face
=D :D
=F Vampire
=I Indifference
=P Sticking tongue out
=S Confused
=W= Weezer (band)
=X No Comment
=[ Sad
=] Happy
? What?
?4U Question For You
?? What?
?_? Confused, lost
@ At
@.@ Confused, surprised
@@@ Warning of parents nearby
@_@ Hypnotized, dazed
@}--->---- A rose
\M/ Horns, metal salute
\O Waving
\O/ Happy, arms in the air
\\// Peace
Vulcan salute
^ Refer To The Above Posted In The Chat
^.^ Happy
^.~ Wink
^5 High five
^O^ Hurrah
^W^ Happy
^^ Happy
^^^ Reference to line above
^_^ Happiness, satisfied
^_~ Wink
^~^ Emoticon Of A Mischievous Smile
|O| same as LOL
}:-) Devilish smile
~ Denotes Sarcasm
Put At The End Of A Word To Make It Longer
Registered Trademark Symbol
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