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Top 50 Trending Slang Terms - Live - 19th September 2020

1. HOMIE Homeboy
2. WUWCB What do You Want to Chat about?
3. GOLD DIGGER Person who loves someone just for their money
4. HUMU set me up with a girl
5. PFT An exlamation of disbelief
6. CK CRIP Killa
7. DF Dumbass Frankenstein
8. ABG Asian Baby Girl
9. TTM Talk To Me
10. KGO OK, Go
11. YA You
Young Adult
12. AE American Eagle (clothing)
13. OWN Beat, dominate (gaming)
14. IYKWIM If You Know What I Mean
15. FOPS Fake cops (security guards etc)
16. NMU Not Much, You?
17. BADMAN Gangster
18. AIB Am I Boverd?
19. P4P Pound For Pound
20. LSS Last Song Syndrome
21. FOB Fresh Off the Boat
22. SESH Session (drinking, smoking, gaming etc)
23. MMS Multimedia Messaging Service
24. PV Promotional Video
25. GORG Gorgeous
26. HUA Heard Understood Acknowledged
27. SKENG Knife, blade
Gun, firearm
28. YERP Yes, what's up, ok
29. MWM Married White Male
30. HOMESLICE Homeboy
31. PEN15 Penis
32. ODST Orbital Drop Shock Trooper (Gaming)
33. BUB Buddy, friend
34. DUB Twenty (dollars, dollars of drugs, inch rims)
35. DMT Di-Methyl Tryptamine (drug)
36. IYD In Your Dreams
37. (Y) Thumbs up (MSN)
38. GET Git
39. EW Exclamation of disgust
40. DAP Touching of fists greeting
41. HMP Help Me, Please
42. IMK In My Knowledge
43. CHAP Man
44. PDA Personal Digital Assistant
45. B&M Bricks and Mortar
46. SHADY Shifty, sly, sneaky
47. IDUNNO I Don't Know
48. CAKING Flirting
49. SML Screw My Life
Story of My Life
50. WTT Want To Trade
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