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Top 50 Trending Slang Terms - Live - 22nd January 2019

1. RU Are You?
2. NAHMEAN You know what I mean
3. BBB Bugging Beyond Belief
4. BTWITIAILWY By The Way, I Think I Am In Love With You
5. DOI Duh
6. COOL BEANS Cool, awesome, great
7. HAIZ Sigh
8. GINGER Person with red hair
9. YDK You Don't Know
10. LHH Laughing Hella Hard
11. IDKW I Don't Know Why
12. YSS You Suck Severely
13. WWU Where Were You?
14. DIN DIN Dinner
15. OOTD Offer Of The Day
Outfit Of The Day
16. HRU How Are You?
17. TIL Until
Today I Learned
18. :9 Yum, licking
19. 5! LOL! see 120
20. PPT Microsoft PowerPoint
21. DHYB Don't Hold Your Breath
22. DIKU Do I Know You?
23. NF Not Funny
24. CEEB same as CBB
25. IBU Ibuprofen
26. TTFAF Through The Fire And Flames (song)
27. LYLC Love You Like Crazy
28. AP Associated Press
29. HBY How About You?
30. DORB Adorable
31. GLWT Good Luck With That
32. I'MA I am going to
33. POLY Polyamory, loving more than one person at a time
34. TFS Thanks For Sharing
35. OOT Out Of Town
36. ASDFGHJKL;' When A Feeling Cannot Be Expressed In Words
Home Keys On Standard Keyboard
37. AL Alcohol
38. ACCT Account
39. BLUE Sad
40. GRX Gracias
41. G2F Got To Fly
42. CK CRIP Killa
43. MIA Missing In Action
44. SCO San Fransisco
45. TCOB Taking Care of Buisness
46. ELF Every Lady's Fantasy
47. WTBS With That Being Said
48. O.O Wide eyed
49. TBF To Be Fair
50. DSLR Digital Single Lens Reflex (camera)
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