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Top 50 Trending Slang Terms - Live - 25th May 2019

1. WWY Where Were You?
2. DIKU Do I Know You?
3. WBY What (A)bout You?
4. HBU How About You?
5. WRU Where Are You?
6. WAY Where Are You?
7. WDY Why Don't You?
8. IDKWTD I Don't Know What To Do
9. OSLT Or Something Like That
10. NMU Not Much, You?
11. IJDK I Just Don't Know
12. DTYT Don't Take Your Time
13. C'MON Come On
14. HBY How About You?
15. SMACK Heroin
16. H/U Hook Up, make out
18. WTHIWWY What The Hell Is Wrong With You?
19. MSN Microsoft Network
20. HAX Hacking, Hackers, hacks
21. RU Are You?
22. BREDRINS Close friends, brothers
23. FCOL For Crying Out Loud
24. TIL Until
Today I Learned
25. C2C Consumer to Consumer
Cam to Cam
26. BUSTED Very Ugly
27. LEO Law Enforcement Officer
28. GKY Go Kill Yourself
29. 88 Heil Hitler (H is 8th letter)
30. UPG Upgrade
31. LEC Local Exchange Carrier
32. THOT same as HOE
33. WUWU What's Up With You?
34. HOLLAND Hope Our Love Lasts And Never Dies
35. ACP Automatic Colt Pistol
36. BBN Be Back Never
37. IYDM If You Don't Mind
38. GNSTDLTBBB Good Night Sleep Tight Don't Let the Bed Bugs Bite
39. B4YKI Before You Know It
40. SMH Shaking My Head
41. JACKASS Stupid person, idiot
42. IWALY I Will Always Love You
43. PRAWN Girl who is good looking except for her face
44. RAFL same as ROFL
45. JEST Joke
46. SHOPPED Photoshopped, manipulated
47. ICYDK In Case You Didn't Know
48. DFLI Don't Feel Like It
49. IYO In Your Opinion
50. RCT Roller Coster Tycoon
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