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Top 50 Trending Slang Terms - Live - 15th May 2021

1. PIPS Easy, not difficult
2. DLB Don't Look Back
3. YUP Yes
4. ATM At The Moment
Automated Teller Machine (cash machine)
5. <B Hate
6. TCB Taking Care of Business
7. KTBFFH Keep The Blue Flag Flying High! (Chelsea FC Moto)
8. GFA Grenade Free America
9. TBC To Be Continued
10. POT Mariujana
11. HDU How Dare You
12. HBU How About You?
13. JUICE Respect, power
14. DND Do Not Disturb
15. SAM Stop Annoying Me
16. OOTD Offer Of The Day
Outfit Of The Day
17. ILYK I'll Let You Know
18. YHU You
19. SAFM Stay Away From Me
20. OTF Off Topic Forum
21. BOTW Blog Of The Week
22. OB Oh, Brother
23. ABU Anyone but (Manchester) United
24. OUO Official Use Only
25. (8) Musical note (MSN)
26. KOOLIO Cool
27. SMIZE Smile with your eyes
28. WBU What About You?
29. BYT Bright Young Thing
Before Your Time
30. STBX Soon-To-Be Ex
31. PENG Good looking person
32. L4D2 Left 4 Dead 2 (game)
33. DTE Down To Earth
34. UBER  Ultimate, best (German for above)
35. HRU How Are You?
36. UDK You Don't Know
37. TEN Person with a perfect body
38. CHIZ Swiz, swindle
39. DUCES Goodbye
40. O7 Salute
41. LICKED Drunk or high
42. WRU Where Are You?
43. TAD Small amount
44. ODST Orbital Drop Shock Trooper (Gaming)
45. FYN Fine
46. NGH Not Gonna Happen
47. BSOFN Big Smile On Face Now
48. APP Application (computer program)
49. MSN Microsoft Network
50. GORG Gorgeous
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