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Top 50 Trending Slang Terms - Live - 15th July 2020

1. GINGE Person with red hair
2. LIME Hang out, socialise
3. GL Good Luck
Good Looking
4. TOPS Wonderful, fantastic
5. WAN What A Newb
6. /THREAD End of a thread on a forum
7. DNO Don't Know
8. IDKW I Don't Know Why
9. PHWOAR Acknowledgement that a person is fit, sexy,hot
10. :-) Smile
11. ATB All The Best
12. TNO Trust No One
14. VPL Visible Panty Line
15. STH Something
16. WBR With Best Regards
17. TTTT These Things Take Time
18. DPS Damage Per Second (MMORPG)
19. DGTWM Don't Go There With Me
20. EOE Equal Opportunity Employer
21. NYC New York City
22. OLLG One Less Lonely Girl
23. WOOT Hurrah (Wow, Loot!)
Want One Of Those
24. IHS I Hope So
25. VIBIN Hanging, chilling
26. WHA What
27. ISTG I Swear To God
28. LBD Little Black Dress
29. DIME $10 of a drug
Very attractive person
30. SB Somebody
31. JS Just Saying
32. THRU Through
33. GLWS Good Luck With Sale
34. BEEF Problem, fight, argument
35. MOTD Message Of The Day
Match Of The Day
36. BBC British Broadcasting Corporation
37. NTR Nothing To Report
38. BDAY Birthday
39. YW You're Welcome
40. SMEXY Smart and sexy
41. WORD UP OK, I agree
42. SAFE Something or someone good
43. DDI Don't Do It
44. BANGTIDY Sexy, fit
45. WIR When It's Ready
46. AYS Are You Serious?
47. FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation
48. ONCO Or Nearest Cash Offer
49. O_O Confused
50. ASL Age, Sex, Location
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