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Top 50 Trending Slang Terms - Live - 20th September 2021

1. BNOC Big Name On Campus
2. TWOT Total Waste Of Time
3. PORCH MONKEY Person who sits on their porch, lazy person
4. HHAY hi how are you?
5. SCOUSE Relating to Liverpool
6. FTR For The Record
7. TIM Time Is Money
8. TQM Te Quiero Mucho (I Like You A Lot)
9. UOENO You Don't Even Know
10. DYKT Did You Know That?
11. ISO In Search Of
12. WCS Worst Case Scenario
13. IDK I Don't Know
14. L337 LEET in LEET speak
15. QFP Quoted For Posterity
16. NPS No Problems
17. UY Up Yours
18. ACP Automatic Colt Pistol
19. IOC International Olympic Committee
20. YN Crossed fingers (MSN)
21. H1B US employment visa
22. YPU Misspelling of 'you'
23. YUH Yes
24. BBZ Babes
25. IM Instant Message
26. SIP YEP in Spanish
27. IYKWIM If You Know What I Mean
28. HMPF Sound made when irritated
29. WW White Widow (strong marijuana)
White Woman
30. WFM Works For Me
31. TKO Technical Knock Out
32. IMBO In My Biased Opinion
33. LUH Love
34. STAT Immediately (from Latin statim)
35. JLT Just like that
36. 4M Forum
37. HDF Halt Die Fresse (Shut up in German)
38. FOSS Free and Open Source Software
39. IAMA I Am Mildly Amused
40. JACKASS Stupid person, idiot
41. .COM Top level domain for commerce
42. OOC Out Of Control/Character/Context
43. SCRIM Practice game
44. GANGNAM Relating to wealth and class
45. JONES Craving, desire
46. MK Mm OK
47. WBU What About You?
48. WNWY What's New With You?
49. ICYMI In Case You Missed It
50. JAJA Spanish laugh
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