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Top 50 Trending Slang Terms - Live - 28th January 2021

1. :* Kiss
2. RL Real Life
3. FSB Front Side Bus
4. RDRR Har-de-har-har
5. HYUK Lose, despite having a good lead
6. OOTD Offer Of The Day
Outfit Of The Day
7. JUNKIE Addict
8. POI Point(s) Of Interest
9. JLT Just like that
10. LTS Laugh To Self
11. MY Miss You
12. PARTY POOPER A person who ruins the mood with their attitude
13. AYC At Your Convenience
14. KML Killing Myself Laughing
15. TMP Tactical Machine Pistol
16. 730 Crazy
17. AG Aggressive
18. TWLOHA To Write Love On Her Arms
19. WH Wall hack (allows a player to walk through walls)
20. CR Credit
Carriage Return
21. >:) Evil Grin
22. MK Mm OK
23. NMU Not Much, You?
24. BRICK 1 kilogram of a drug
Very cold
25. LOL Laughing Out Loud
26. INDY Independent
27. MCW Man Crush Wednesday
28. <3 Love (heart shape)
29. ABFAB Absolutely Fabulous
30. NOUT Nothing (northern UK)
31. OPM Other People's Money
32. PKMN Pokemon
33. YKYLM You Know You Love Me
34. HWP Height Weight Proportional
35. Y U NO Why You No
36. LSE London School of Economics
Low Self-Esteem
37. D-DAY 6th June 1944
Designated day when operations are due to commence
38. IMO In My Opinion
39. MINT Nice, cool
40. JEJE Hispanic LOL
41. IGU I Give Up
42. R&D Replicate and Duplicate
Research and Development
43. BFK Big Fat Kiss
44. SSD Solid State Drive
45. SSD Solid State Drive
46. OTP One True Pairing
47. STH Something
48. TI AMO I Love You (Italian)
49. NKT Expression of annoyance
50. ION In Other News
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