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Top 50 Trending Slang Terms - Live - 20th March 2018

1. PENG Good looking person
2. GLOCK Semi-automatic pistol
3. RASTA Rastafarian
4. =F Vampire
5. TKS Thanks
6. ICK same as UGH
7. TIF That Is Funny
8. VDU Visual Display Unit
9. YEY same as YAY
10. MSN Microsoft Network
11. R5 Region 5 (DVD region)
12. MONROE Piercing between nose and upper lip
13. WYWTA What You Wanna Talk About
14. PROBS Probably
15. PV Promotional Video
16. NOWT Nothing
17. OTD On The Dot
Out The Door
18. DKNY Donna Karan New York
19. PB Personal Best
20. IDL I Don't Like ...
21. CYDI Can You Dig It?
22. FTFY Fixed That For You
23. OIK Unpleasant, unpopular person
24. PADDY Offensive term for an Irishman
25. BUH Expression of dismay, disgust
26. MLS My Life Sucks
27. MH Map Hack
28. ROTC Reserve Officer Training Corps
29. DNA Deoxyribonucleic Acid
Did Not Attend
Does Not Apply
30. CPU Central Processing Unit
31. HOF Hall Of Fame
Heavy on Flag
32. WBW White Boy Wasted
33. W/O Without
34. LAWL same as LOL
35. OVO Obviously
36. ILNY I Love New York
37. MELT Idiot
38. YANA You Are Not Alone
39. GAT Gun
40. TEK Tek-9 machine pistol
41. AYE Yes
42. P.I.C. Partner In Crime
43. SHURUP Shut Up
44. MISH Missionary position
45. AWD All Wheel Drive
46. DH Darling Husband
47. JK Just Kidding
48. DBS Don't Be Stupid
Don't Be Sad
Don't Be Scared
49. NERF Weaken
50. MED Medication
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