The slang word / acronym / abbreviation D(M)V

What is D(M)V?

D(M)V is "DC, Maryland, Virginia" or "Department of Motor Vehicles"
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Other terms relating to 'maryland':
· SMIBSouthern Maryland Inbred
Other terms relating to 'virginia':
· VMIVirginia Military Institute
Other terms relating to 'department':
· A&EAccident & Emergency (department of a hospital)
· DCFDepartment of Children and Families
· DEPTDepartment
· DHSDepartment of Homeland Security
Department of Health Services
· DMVDepartment of Motor Vehicles
· DSSDepartment of Social Services
· LAPDLos Angeles Police Department
· NYPDNew York Police Department
Other terms relating to 'motor':
· AMCAmerican Motors Corportation
· ATGATTAll The Gear All The Time (motorcycling)
· BMWBavarian Motor Works (car manufacturer)
· DMVDepartment of Motor Vehicles
· GMGeneral Motors
Good Morning
Genetically Modified
Good Move
· GMCGeneral Motors Corporation
· MOTORBOATINGNuzzling a woman's chest whilst making a noise
· MVAMotor Vehicle Accident
Other terms relating to 'vehicles':
· DMVDepartment of Motor Vehicles

The Meaning of D(M)V

D(M)V means "DC, Maryland, Virginia" or "Department of Motor Vehicles"
So now you know - D(M)V means "DC, Maryland, Virginia" or "Department of Motor Vehicles" - don't thank us. YW!
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What does D(M)V mean?

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D(M)V Definition / D(M)V Means

The definition of D(M)V is "DC, Maryland, Virginia" or "Department of Motor Vehicles"


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