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What does PWT mean?

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What is PWT?

PWT is "Poor White Trash"

PWT Definition / PWT Means

The definition of PWT is "Poor White Trash"

The Meaning of PWT

PWT means "Poor White Trash"
So now you know - PWT means "Poor White Trash" - don't thank us. YW!
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Other terms relating to 'poor':
· 10-1Radio code for 'Receiving poorly'
· BOGANPoorly educated, vulgar person (Australian)
· CHAVPoorly educated, vulgar youth
· NAFFPoor quality, uncool
Substitute swear word
· PJPoor/Personal Joke
Cheap alcoholic beverage
· PLDPoor Life Decision
Other terms relating to 'white':
· B&WBlack and White
· B/WBetween
Black and White
· BW Beautiful Woman
Black and White
· BWMBisexual White Male
Bear With Me
· COALBURNERWhite woman that dates black men
· CRACKAOffensive term for a white person
· CWBCrazy White Boys
· DWFDivorced White Female
· DWMDivorced White Male
· HONKIEWhite person
· MUDSHARKWhite woman dating black men
· MWFMarried White Female
· MWMMarried White Male
· OFAYOffensive term for a white person
· OREOBlack on the outside, white on the inside
· PINK TOEWhite girl
· PWMProfessional White Male
· SWFSingle White Female
· SWMSingle White Male
· SWPFSingle White Professional Female
· SWPLStuff White People Like
· SWPMSingle White Professional Male
· TRAWThick, Rich And White
· WASPWhite Anglo-Saxon Protestant
· WBWWhite Boy Wasted
· WGWGWhite Guy With Guitar
· WHITEWASHAct like a white person
· WIGGERWhite person pretending to be black
· WKWhite Knight
· WPWWWhite Pride World Wide
· WWWhite Widow (strong marijuana)
White Woman
Other terms relating to 'trash':
· HOOCHIEOver made up woman with trashy dress sense
· RIFRAFCommon people, trailer trash
· SCALLYLow life, trailer trash
· TPTTrailer Park Trash


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