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What does VLAN mean?

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What is VLAN?

VLAN is "Virtual Local Area Network"

VLAN Definition / VLAN Means

The definition of VLAN is "Virtual Local Area Network"

The Meaning of VLAN

VLAN means "Virtual Local Area Network"
So now you know - VLAN means "Virtual Local Area Network" - don't thank us. YW!
What does VLAN mean? VLAN is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explained above where the VLAN definition is given.
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Other terms relating to 'virtual':
· IMVUInstant Messaging Virtual Universe
· TELNETNetwork Virtual Terminal Protocol
· VCARDVirtual (online) business card
· VNCVirtual Network Computing
· VPNVirtual Private Network
· VRVirtual Reality
Other terms relating to 'local':
· LANLocal Area Network
· LECLocal Exchange Carrier
· LOCALLocal public house, bar
· TGALThink Globally, Act Locally
Other terms relating to 'area':
· 313Area code for Detroit
· 401Area Code for Rhode Island
· AOEArea Of Effect
· AREA 51Top secret military base in Nevada
· ENDZArea where you live
· FOOPAFat in belly area
· FORTEArea of expertise, strength
· LANLocal Area Network
· PANPersonal Area Network
· TURFArea, part of the neighborhood
Other terms relating to 'network':
· .NETTop level domain originally for network providers
· 3GThird Generation mobile phone network
· ADMINAdministrator on forum, network etc
· ARPANETAdvanced Research Projects Agency Network (early internet)
· BEBOA social networking site
· CCNACisco Certified Network Associate
· CNNCable News Network
· DDOSDistributed Denial of Service (network attack)
· ESPNEntertainment and Sports Programming Network
· HI5Social networking site
· HNOSHome Network Operating System
· ISDNIntegrated Services Digital Network
· LANLocal Area Network
· MNCMobile Network Code
· MSDNMicrosoft Developer Network
· MSNMicrosoft Network
· MYSPACEA social networking site
· NASNetwork Attached Storage
· NETWORKTwo or more connected computers
· NICNetwork Interface Card
· NNTPNetwork News Transfer Protocol
· OGNOnline Gaming Network
· ORKUTGoogle's social network
· PANPersonal Area Network
· PEER TO PEERComputer network without a central server
· PSNPlaystation Network
· PSTNPublic Switched Telephone Network
· SNCSocial Network Check
· TELNETNetwork Virtual Terminal Protocol
· TSNThe Sports Network
· TTLThank The Lord
Time To Live (network cache)
· TWITTERA social networking site
· VNCVirtual Network Computing
· VPNVirtual Private Network


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