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GFC Global Financial Crisis
GFETE Grinning From Ear To Ear
GFF Grenade Free Foundation
GFI Go For It
GFN Gone For Now
GFP Good For Pics
GFTW Go For The Win
GFU Good For You
GFWL Games For Windows Live
GFX Graphics
GFY Good For You
GG Good Game
GGA Good Game All
GGBB Good Game Bye Bye
GGG Good, Giving, and Game (in bed)
GGL Giggle
GGN Gotta Go Now
GGNORE Good Game No Rematch
GGOH Gotta Get Outta Here
GGS Good Games
GGW Girls Gone Wild
GGWP Good Game, Well Played
GH Guitar Hero
GHB Gamma Hydroxybutyrate (drug)
GHD Good Hair Day
GHM God Help Me
GHOST Leaving
GHZ Gigahertz
GI Government Issue
American Solider
Good Idea
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