Web Abbreviations beginning N

NCB Never Coming Back
NCIS Naval Criminal Investigative Service (TV show)
NCMO Non-Committal Make Out
NCNO No Collusion - No obstruction
NCNR Non-Cancelable, Non-Returnable
NCNS No Call, No Show
NCO Non-Commissioned Officer
ND And
NDA Non-Disclosure Agreement
NDE Near Death Experience
NDI Neither Do I
NDN Indian
NDP New Democratic Party
NDR Non-Delivery Report/Receipt
NDS Nintendo DS
NE Any
NE1 Anyone
NEA National Education Association
NECRO Revive a very old forum thread
NED Non-Educated Delinquent
NEDM Not Even Doom Music
NEE Maiden name indicator
NEEK A cross between a Nerd and a Geek
NEET Not in Education, Employment or Training
NEF Person who posts pointless messages on forums
NEFIN Anything
NEG Negative
NEGL Not Even Gonna Lie
NEGU Never Ever Give Up
NEI Not Enough Information

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