Web Abbreviations beginning N

NG No Good
NGH Not Gonna Happen
NGL Not Gonna Lie
NGO Non-Governmental Organization
NGU Never Give Up
NGUNS Never Give Up, Never Surrender
NH Nice hand (poker slang)
NHB No Holding Back
No Holds Barred
NHD No Harm Done
NHF No Hard Feelings
NHFT Not Here For That
NHL National Hockey League
NHN Not Here Now
NHOI Never Heard Of It
NHS National Health Service
NHTB Never Heard That Before
NI No Idea
NIAMY Never In A Million Years
NIB New In Box
NIC Network Interface Card
NICE National Institute of Clinical Excellence
NICKER Pound, quid (British currency)
NICU Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
NID Never In Doubt
NIHAO Hello (Chinese)
NIK Now I Know
NIKE American sportswear company
NIL Zero
NILF Nerd I'd Like To F***
NIMBY Not In My Back Yard

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