Web Abbreviations beginning B

BAD Good
BADASS Cool, confident person
BADMAN Gangster
BAE Baby
BAFO Best And Final Offer
BAGL Bust A Gut Laughing
BAH Bored As Hell
BAHAHA Evil laugh
BAIL Leave
BAIRN Child, baby
BAIT Blatant, obvious
BAK Back At Keyboard
BAKA Fool, idiot
BAKE Smoke marijuana
BAKED Stoned, Wasted
BALLER Successful ball player
BALLIN Playing basketball
Living the good life
BALLSY Courageous, manly
BAM Below Average Mentality
Exclamation of happiness
BAMA Person lacking style
BAMN By Any Means Necessary
BANDWIDTH Amount of data through an interface over time
BANGER Great party
Old car
BANGING Very beautiful, sexy
BANGTIDY Sexy, fit
BANJAX Break, destroy
BANTER Playful, witty chat
BAO Be Aware Of
BARBIE Barbecue

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