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Computer Slang beginning with the letter C

On this site you will find a list of slang terms, acronyms and abbreviations as used in websites, ICQ chat rooms, blogs, SMS, and Internet forums - a complete dictionary of slang. This page lists these acronyms beginning with C.
Please note that a few of the words stand for phrases containing words that may be offensive to some people. In those cases we have substituted asterisks, or similar, for the words in question.
TUVWXYZ0123456789 Other
· C See
Computer language
Speed of light
· C# Microsoft programming language
· C&C Command and Conquer (game)
· C&P Copy & Paste
· C'MON Come On
· C++ Programming language
· C.O.B Close of Business
· C/D Confirm/Deny
· C/O Class Of ...
· C1 Affirmative, Roger that
· C2C Consumer to Consumer
Cam to Cam
· C2M Chuckling To Myself
· C4 Plastic explosive
· C4C Comment for Comment
Cam for Cam
· C: Very happy
· CAAC Cool As A Cucumber
· CAB Misspelling of CBA
· CACHAI Do you understand?
· CACHE Store for temporary computer files
· CACTUS Broken, dead
· CAD Computer Aided Design
· CADDY Cadillac
· CAKE Kilo of cocaine
· CAKING Flirting
· CAL Cyberathlete Amateur League (gaming)
· CAM Computer-Aided Manufacturing
· CAMB Come At Me Bro
· CAMEL Brand of cigarettes
· CAMO Camoflauge
· CAMPER Player who lies in wait for a target
· CAN DO It will be done
· CANDYMAN Drug Dealer
· CANON Original, official
· CANTO Cantonese
· CAP Shoot
· CAPISH Do you understand?
· CAPO Captain, Mafia boss
· CAPS Bullets
· CAPTCHA Completely Automated Public Turing Test To Tell Computers and Humans Apart
· CARD Amusing, eccentric person
· CARDY Cardigan
· CARE I don't care
· CARPE Vomit, throw up
· CARRIED Told off, DISSed
· CARTY Party in a car
· CAS Close Air Support
Confidence, Appearance, Swagger
Creativity, Action, Service
· CASJ Casual
· CAT Cool person
Computed Axial Tomography
· CATFISH Individual Who Creates a False Online Identity
· CAUSE Because
· CAVE Give up, give in
· CAZ Crazy in a nice way
· CBB Can't Be Bothered
· CBBC Children's BBC
· CBC Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
· CBD Cute But Dumb
· CBGB Country BlueGrass Blues
· CBH Child Bearing Hips
· CBI Californian Bureau of Investigation
Confederation of British Industry
· CBLTH Can't Breathe Laughing Too Hard
· CBR Captive Bead Ring (body piercing)
· CBS Can't Be Stuffed
· CBT Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
· CC Credit Card
Carbon Copy
Crowd Control
Country Code
· CCC Coricidin Cough & Cold (Dextromethorophan or DXM).
· CCG Collectible Card Game
· CCIE Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert
· CCL Couldn't Care Less
· CCNA Cisco Certified Network Associate
· CCR Creedence Clearwater Revival (band)
· CCTV Closed-Circuit Television
· CCW Counterclockwise
Carrying a Concealed Weapon
· CD Compact Disc
Cross Dresser
· CD-RW Compact Disk Rewritable
· CD9 code 9 (parent watching or around)
· CDC Cult of the Dead Cow
Crudely Drawn Cock
· CDMA Code Division Multiple Access (voice/data transmission)
· CDN Canadian
· CDP Calm Down Please
· CDR Compact Disc Recordable
· CDROM Compact Disk Read Only Memory
· CE Casual Encounters
· CEEB same as CBB
· CEEBS same as CBB
· CEEBZ same as CBB
· CELL Cellphone
· CELLY Cellphone
Prison cell mate
· CEO Chief Executive Officer
· CEPT Except
· CEREAL Serious
· CES Consumer Electronics Show
· CET Central European Time
· CEWL Cool
· CFC Chlorofluorocarbon
· CFL Canadian Football League
· CFN Ciao For Now
· CFO Chief Financial Officer
· CFV Call For Votes
· CG Computer Graphics
· CGA Color Graphics Adapter
· CGI Computer-Generated Imagery
· CHA Yes
· CHABON Dude (Argentina)
· CHADROOL Stupid person
· CHAMP Uncool
· CHAMPION Good, great
· CHAO Goodbye (Spanish)
· CHAP Man
· CHAV Poorly educated, vulgar youth
· CHAW Chewing tobacco
· CHEA Yeah
· CHEAP SKATE Mean/stingy person
· CHEDDA Cash, money
· CHEERIO Goodbye
· CHEERS Thanks
· CHEESE Drug, starter heroin
· CHEESY Corny, lame
· CHEEZ Cheese
· CHELA Beer
· CHEM Chemistry
· CHEVY Chevrolet
· CHI Chicago
Life force, energy
· CHIB Stab
· CHICK Girl
· CHICKEN Kilogram of cocaine
· CHILAXING Chilling and relaxing
· CHILL Relax, hang out
· CHILLAX Chill and relax
· CHINK Offensive term for an Asian or Chinese person
· CHIO Sexy, good looking, girl
· CHIPOTLE Mexican-style restaurant
· CHIPPY Fish and chip shop
· CHIPS Money
Weak, corny
· CHIRP Insult
· CHIZ Swiz, swindle
· CHIZZ Chill out, relax
· CHOICE Nice, great
· CHOLO Mexican Gangster
· CHONG Good looking, attractive, cute
· CHOO You
· CHOOB High level player who acts like a noob
· CHOONG Good looking, buff
· CHOPPER AK-47 assault rifle
· CHORTLE Chuckle and Snort
· CHOUT Chill Out
Watch Out
· CHOW Bye
· CHP California Highway Patrol
· CHRONIC High quality marijuana
· CHU You
· CHUG Drink
Offensive term for a Native American
· CHULA Cute, sexy
· CHUNDER Be sick, vomit
· CHUNG Good looking, buff
· CHUTIYA Mild Indian expletive
· CHYA Yes, yeah
· CHYEA Yes, yeah
· CI Confidential Informant
· CI2I See eye to eye
· CIA Central Intelligence Agency
· CIAO Italian for Hi or Bye
· CIB Complete In Box
· CIC 'Cause I Can
· CID Acid, LSD
· CIG Cigarette
· CIGGIE Cigarette
· CIGGY Cigarette
· CIHY Can I Help You?
· CIMH Chuckle In My Head
· CINI Cinema
· CINO Catholic/Christian In Name Only
· CIO Check It Out
· CIR Committed Information Rate (minimum bandwidth)
· CITA Caught In The Act
· CK CRIP Killa
· CKI Chair-Keyboard Interface
· CKL Chuckle
· CL Chain Letter
Craig's List
· CLAP Gonorrhea, STD
· CLARET Blood
· CLASS Cool, excellent
· CLEO Chief Law Enforcement Officer
· CLI Command Line Interface
· CLICK Kilometre
· CLIQUE Group of friends
· CLM Career Limiting Move
· CLOCK Look at
· CLOUD The Internet (non-local storage, software etc)
· CLOUD 9 Feeling of euphoria, high
· CLT Currently Listening To
· CLUBBING Visiting nightclubs
· CLUBHEAD Person who goes to clubs a lot
· CLUT Clumsy person
· CLUTCH Perform under pressure
· CLWY Can't Live Without You
· CM Call Me
· CMAR Cry Me A River
· CMB Call Me Back
· CMC Casi Me Cago (Spanish LOL)
· CMD Command
· CME Close My Eyes
· CMEO Crying My Eyes Out
· CMH Cross My Heart
· CMHO Cry My Heart Out
· CMI Count Me In
· CMIIW Correct Me If I'm wrong.
· CMIYC Catch Me If You Can
· CML Call Me Later
· CMN Call Me Now
· CMNT Comment
· CMOS Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor
· CMS Content Management System
· CMT Comment
· CMU Cracks Me Up
· CMYK Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Key/blacK
· CNA Certified Nursing Assistant
· CNC Command and Conquer
· CND Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament
· CNN Cable News Network
· CNY Chinese New Year
· CO Commanding Officer
Corrections Officer
Counter Offer
· CO2 Carbon Dioxide
· COA Certificate Of Authenticity
· COALBURNER White woman that dates black men
· COCK UP Mistake, mess
· COCKY Thinking too highly of yourself
· COD Cash On Delivery
Call Of Duty
· COD4 Call Of Duty 4 (Game)
· CODE Computer program
Write a computer program
· CODEC Coder-Decoder (usually for audio/video data)
· COED Coeducational (men and women together)
· COG Coalition of Gears (game)
· COKE Cocaine
Coca Cola
· COL Crying Out Loud
· COLA Top bud of a marijuana plant
· COMMANDO Without underwear
· COMMY Communist
· CONDO Apartment
· CONGRATS Congratulations
· CONT Continued
· CONTD Continued
· CONVO Conversation
· COO Cool
· COOKIE Small file relating to a website
· COOL Awesome, great
· COOL BEANS Cool, awesome, great
· COOLIN same as CHILLing
· COP Officer of the law
Close of Play
· COPACETIC Cool, OK, excellent
· COPY THAT I understand
· COPYCAT Someone who copies someone else
· COPYPASTA Post that has been copied and pasted
· COR God
· CORNY Uncool, overused
· COS Because
· COSPLAY Costume Play
· COTCH Relax, chill
· COTD Comment Of The Day
· COUCH POTATO Lazy person who sits all day watching TV
· COUGAR Older woman looking for a younger man
· COUGER Older woman looking for a younger man
· COUGH Confess, come clean
· COUPLE Two people in a relationship
· COURSE Of course, certainly
· COW Offensive term for a woman
· COYB Come On You Blues
· COYBIG Come On You Boys In Green
· COYG Come On You Gunners
· COYOTE Person who smuggles immigrants
· COYR Come On You Reds
· COYS Come On You Spurs
· COZ Because
· CPC Cost Per Click
· CPI Consumer Price Index
· CPL Cyberathlete Professional League (gaming)
· CPM Cost Per Thousand
· CPP C Plus Plus, C++ (programming language)
· CPR Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
· CPT Colored People's Time
· CPU Central Processing Unit
· CQB Close Quarters Battle
· CQC Close Quarters Combat
· CQTM Chuckle Quietly To Myself
· CQTMS Chuckle Quietly To Myself
· CR Credit
Carriage Return
· CRAB Derogatory word for a CRIP
· CRACK A form of cocaine
· CRACKA Offensive term for a white person
· CRAIC Good times/gossip/music/drinking (Irish)
· CRAY Crazy
· CRAY CRAY Really crazy
· CRB Criminal Records Bureau (UK)
· CRBT Crying Real Big Tears
· CRC Cyclic Redundency Check
Chat Room Chuckle
· CREASING Laughing
· CREEP Weird, undesirable person
· CREEPER Someone who views your profile but doesn't make contact
· CREPS Trainers
· CREY Cry
· CRIB House, residence
· CRICKETS Said after a lame joke to break the silence
· CRIMBO Christmas
· CRIP Community Restoration in Progress (gang)
Gang member
· CRIT Critical hit (gaming)
· CRM Customer Relationship Management
· CROW Marijuana
· CRT Cathode Ray Tube
· CRUNK Crazy and drunk
· CRUSH Infatuation, attraction
· CRUSTY Dirty, unwashed person
· CRV Compact Recreational Vehicle
· CS Counter-Strike
· CSA Cheap Shot Artist
· CSB Cool Story Bro (sarcastic)
· CSI Crime Scene Investigation (TV show)
· CSL Can't stop laughing
· CSM Client Side Modification
· CSR Customer Service Representative
· CSS Counter Strike: Source
Cascading Style Sheet
· CST Central Standard Time
· CSU California State University
· CSV Comma Separated Values
· CTC Call The Cell
· CTD Crash To Desktop
· CTF Capture The Flag
Claim To Fame
· CTHU Crack The Hell Up
· CTM Chuckling To Myself
· CTN Can't Talk Now
· CTO Check This Out
· CTR Click Through Rate
· CTRL Control (key)
· CTRN Cant Talk Right now
· CTS Chuckles To Self
· CTT Change The Topic
· CTU Counter Terrorist Unit
· CU See You
· CUAD Curl Up And Die
· CUCKOO Mad, bonkers, crazy
· CUDDY Buddy, friend
· CUFF Overprotect, smother
· CUFFED Taken, has a BF or GF
· CUG Closed User Group
· CUH Cousin, homie, bro
· CUIAB See You In A Bit
· CUL See You Later.
· CUL8ER See You Later
· CUL8R See You Later
· CULA See You Later, Alligator
· CULO Ass (Spanish)
· CUMBERBITCH Female Fan Of Benedict Cumberbatch
· CUOL See You On Line
· CUPCAKE Soft, loving person
· CUPPA Cup of (usually) tea
· CUS Friend
· CUSH High grade marijuana
· CUSHTI Good, great
· CUSS Curse, swear
· CUT See You Tomorrow
See You There
· CUTCH Snuggle up
· CUTE Someone/thing that is attrative in an innocent way
· CUTIE Cute, attractive person
· CUTY Cutie
· CUWYL Catch Up With You Later
· CUZ Because
· CUZZ Friend, cousin
· CUZZO Friend
· CV Curriculum Vitae, resume
· CVV Card Verification Value
· CW Clockwise
Continuous Wave
· CWB Crazy White Boys
· CWD Comment When Done
Cringe, Wither, Die
Chronic Wasting Disease
Chicks With Dicks
· CWOT Complete Waste Of Time
· CWT Hundred Weight, 100lbs (112lbs UK)
· CWTCH Hug or cuddle
· CWTCU Can't Wait To See You
· CWTSY Can't Wait To See You
· CWUC Call When You Can
· CWYL Chat With You Later.
· CYB Count Your Blessings
· CYBI Can You Believe It?
· CYDI Can You Dig It?
· CYDM Check Your Direct Messages
· CYE Check Your Email
· CYF Cross Your Fingers
· CYL Catch You Later
· CYL8R See You Later
· CYM Check Your Mail
· CYO See You Online
· CYOOT Cute
· CYPH To Share A Smoke
· CYT See You Tomorrow
· CZ Condition Zero (game)
TUVWXYZ0123456789 Other

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