Internet Slang words beginning with M -

Web Abbreviations beginning M

MUPPET Stupid person, idiot
MURK Kill, murder
MURKED Badly defeated, killed
MURSE Man purse
Male nurse
MUSH Friend
MUSM Miss You So Much
MUVM Miss You Very Much
MUX Multiplex
MV Music Video
MVA Motor Vehicle Accident
MVP Most Valuable Player
MW2  Modern Warfare 2 (game)
MW3 Modern Warfare 3 (game)
MWA Kiss
MWC Married With Children
MWF Married White Female
MWI Mad With It (drunk)
MWM Married White Male
MWPP Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs (Harry Potter)
MX Motocross
MY Miss You
MY B My Bad
MY BAD (Flippant) apology
MY BOO My Boyfriend/girlfriend
MY FOOT Expression of disbelief
MY SIZE My type of girl
MYB Mind Your Business
MYCH Maybe You Can Help
MYF Miss Your Face

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