Internet Slang words beginning with M -
Web Abbreviations beginning M

MAJ Major
MAL Mean, bad, evil
MAMAW Grandmother
MAMI Sexy, Baby
MAN U Manchester United Football Club
MANC Person from Manchester
MANDEM Group of men, boys
MANDO Mandatory
MANDY MDMA, ecstasy
MANKY Nasty, dirty
MANU same as MAN U
MAP Man-Alien-Predator
MAPOTI Most Annoying People On The Internet
MARK Target, sucker
MARY JANE Marijuana
MAS Mildly Amused Smirk
MASC Masculine
MASH UP Song made from bits of other songs
MATE Friend
MATH Mental Abuse To Humans
MAUI WOWIE Marijuana, weed from Hawaii
MAW Might As Well
MAWOY May Angels Watch Over You
MB Megabyte
MBA Masters of Business Association
Married But Available
MBD My Bad Dudes
MBF My Best Friend
MBFAM  My Brother From Another Mother

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