Web Abbreviations beginning M

MEEP An exclamation for any situation
MEETER Person who likes to look at fat men
MEG Megabyte
MEGO My Eyes Glazed Over
MEH Indifference, equivalent to shoulder shrug
MELT Idiot
MEME An idea that spreads like a virus by word of mouth, email, blogs etc
MENTHOL Mint flavored cigarette
MEP Member of the European Parliament
MER Expression of boredom, nonchalance
MERC Mercenary
Injure or kill
MERP Meaningless word for when you don't know what else to say
MESOS Currency in the game Maple Story
MESSRS Messieurs (plural of Mister)
METH Methamphetamine (drug)
MEX Low grade marijuana from Mexico
MFC Mildly Fat Chick
Microsoft Foundation Classes
MFEO Made For Each Other
MFG Mit Freundlichen Gruessen (German)
MFL Marked For Later
MFW My Face When ...
MG Machine Gun
MGBY May God Bless You
MGD Miller Genuine Draft
MGK Machine Gun Kelly
MGM Male Genital Mutilation
MGMT The Management (band)
MGO Metal Gear Online (game)
MGS Metal Gear Solid (game)

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