Internet Slang words beginning with M -
Web Abbreviations beginning M

MINGING Dirty, disgusting, ugly
MINT Nice, cool
MINTED Rich, wealthy
MINX Cheeky, mischievous girl
MIP Minor In Possession
MIPS Million Instructions Per Second
MIRIN Admiring
MIRL Meet In Real Life
MIS Miserable
MISB Mint (condition) In Sealed Box
MISC Miscellaneous
MISH Missionary position
MISO My Internet Shut Off
MISSION Arduous or boring task
MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology
MIXOLOGY Study of mixing drinks
MIZ Miserable
MJ Michael Jackson
Michael Jordan
MKZ Facebook (derogatory)
ML Much Love
MLAS My Lips Are Sealed
MLB Major League Baseball
MLG Major League Gaming
MLIA My Life Is Average
MLIB My Life Is Bro
MLIG My Life Is Great/Good
MLIM My Life Is Magic
MLM Multi-Level Marketing
Middle finger (mlm)
MLP My Little Pony

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