Web Abbreviations beginning W

WRUD What Are You Doing?
WRUTA What Are You Talking About?
WRYD What Are You Doing?
WRYTA What Are You Talking About?
WSA Wow, Strong Arms
WSIC Why Should I Care?
WSM Woman Seeking Man
WSP What's up?
WSS Why So Serious?
WST We're Still Friends
WSUL Will See You Later
WSWTA What Shall We Talk About?
WT What
WT? What The ...? or Who the ...?
WTA Winner Takes All
WTB Want To Buy
WTBS With That Being Said
WTC World Trade Center
What The Crap
WTD What The Deuce?
WTDT What To Do Today
WTDTA Where They Do That At?
WTFT What The French Toast (polite WTF)
WTG Way To Go
WTGP Way To Go, Partner
WTGP? Want To Go Private?
WTH What/Where/Who The Hell
WTHAY Who The Hell Are You?
WTHAYDWMM What the hell are you doing with my man
WTHC Who The Hell Cares?
WTHIGO What The Hell Is Going On?
WTHIT What The Hell Is That?

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