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Computer Slang beginning with the letter L

On this site you will find a list of slang terms, acronyms and abbreviations as used in websites, ICQ chat rooms, blogs, SMS, and Internet forums - a complete dictionary of slang. This page lists these acronyms beginning with L.
Please note that a few of the words stand for phrases containing words that may be offensive to some people. In those cases we have substituted asterisks, or similar, for the words in question.
TUVWXYZ0123456789 Other
· L Laugh
· L2M Listening To Music
· L2MS Laughing To Myself
· L2P Learn To Play
· L2PK Learn To Player Kill
· L2R Learn to Read
· L337 LEET in LEET speak
· L33T Elite
· L4D Left 4 Dead (game)
· L4D2 Left 4 Dead 2 (game)
· L7 Square
· L8 Late
· L8ER Later
· L8R Later
· L8R G8R Later Gator
· L8TR Later
· LA Cantonese Exclamation
· LAA Lad, mate
· LABTOP Laptop
· LACKING without a weapon, specifically a gun
· LAD Guy
· LADYBOY Transvestite
· LADYBRO A Female Friend
· LAFS Love At First Sight
· LAG Slow response (computer, internet)
· LAGG Defeat, PWN
· LAK Love And Kisses
· LAL Laughing A Lot/Little
· LALB Laughing A Little Bit
· LAM Leave A Message
· LAMBO Lamborghini
· LAME Stupid, Unoriginal
· LAMEO Lame Person
· LAMER Annoying person
· LAMN Look At Me Now
· LAMO Mispelling of LMAO
· LAMP Hit
· LAN Local Area Network
· LAND MINE Ugly, skinny girl
· LANK Very
· LAPD Los Angeles Police Department
· LAPPY Laptop computer
· LARP Live Action Role Play
· LART Luser Attitude Readjustment Tool
· LASER Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation
· LAT Living Apart Together
· LATA same as LATERS
· LATE Missed a period, possibly pregnant
· LATERS See you later, goodbye
· LATERZ See you later, goodbye
· LATM Laughing At The Moment
· LAU Laughing At You
· LAV Lavatory, toilet
· LAWD Lord
· LAWL same as LOL
· LAWLS same as LOL
· LAWLZ same as LOL
· LAX Lacrosse
· LBC Long Beach, California
· LBD Little Black Dress
· LBDN Look Busy Doing Nothing
· LBH Let's Be Honest
Loser Back Home
· LBM Little Big Man
· LBNL Last But Not Least
· LBR Loser Beyond Repair
· LBRS Lower Blackrock Spire (WOW)
· LBS Laughing But Serious
Pounds (weight)
· LBVS Laughing But Very Serious
· LBW Leg Before Wicket (cricket)
· LC Lower Case
· LCD Liquid Crystal Display
· LCTS Let's Change The Subject
· LD Link Dead (Disconnection From Internet)
· LDA Long Distance Affair
· LDH Long Distance Hug
· LDI Let's Do It
· LDL Long Distance Lover
· LDN London
· LDO Like Duh, Obviously
· LDR Long Distance Relationship
· LDS Latter Day Saint
· LE Limited Edition
Law Enforcement
· LEAF Marijuana
· LEC Local Exchange Carrier
· LED Light Emiting Diode
· LEDGE Legend, legendary
· LEES Very Attractive Man/Woman
· LEET Chat room language
· LEG IT Run away
· LEGGO Let's Go
· LEGIT Real, legal
· LEKKER Cool, sexy
· LEMME Let Me
· LENG Weapon, gun
· LEO Law Enforcement Officer
· LEV Low Emission Vehicle
· LEVA Traitor
· LF Looking For
· LF1M Looking For One More
· LF8R Elevator
· LFDY Live Fast, Die Young
· LFG Looking For Group
· LFM Looking For More
· LFMF Learn From My Fail
· LFP Looking For Party (in MMORPG)
· LFTI Looking Forward To It
· LFTSU Look Forward To Seeing You
· LFW Looking For Work
· LG Little Girl
· LG2W Let's Get To Work
· LGBTQ Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Questioning
· LGD Let's Get Drunk
· LGFB Looks Good From Behind
· LGH Lets get high
· LGMH Love Gives Me Hope
· LGO Life Goes On
· LGT Link Goes To ...
· LGTM Looks Good To Me
· LH Living Hell
· LHH Laughing Hella Hard
· LHK Love, Hugs and Kisses
· LHM Lord Have Mercy
Lord Help Me
· LHR London Heathrow airport
· LHYW Like Hell You Will
· LI Laughing Inside
· LIB Liberal
· LIC Like I Care
· LICKED Drunk or high
· LID Ounce of marijuana
· LIEING Misspelling of 'lying'
· LIEK Like
· LIFO Last In First Out
· LIG Let It Go
· LIGIT Legitimate
· LIH Laugh In Head
· LIHOP Let It Happen On Purpose
· LIITA Love Is In The Air
· LIKE Introduction to a quote
same as UM
· LIKKLE Little
· LIL Little
· LILABOC Life Is Like A Box Of Chocolates
· LIMB Laughing In My Brain
· LIME Hang out, socialise
· LIMH Laughing In My Head
· LIMM Laughing In My Mind
· LIMO Limousine, luxury car
· LINE A line of a powdered drug
· LINGO Language
· LIPSING Kissing
· LIQ Liquor
· LIRL Laughing In Real Life
· LIS Laughing In Silence
· LIT Intoxicated, stoned
· LITE Light
· LITGENDARY Something which us amazing, cool, dope, awesome and DIME at the same time can be
· LITS Life Is Too Short
· LIU Look It Up
· LIVE Exciting
· LIZAN a true fan of lizards
· LJBF Let's Just Be Friends
· LK same as LOLK
· LL Laugh Loudly, LOL
· LLAP Live Long and Prosper
· LLC Limited Liability Company
Laughing Like Crazy
· LLH Laughing Like Hell
· LLL Loony Liberal Left
· LLN LOL LOL Neanderthal
· LLO Misspelt LOL
· LLOL Literally LOL
· LLTTF Living Life To The Fullest
· LLZ same as LOLZ
· LM Loud Mouth
· LMA Leave Me Alone
· LMAD Let's Make A Deal
· LMAM Leave Me A Message
· LMAP Leave Me Alone Please
· LMC Let Me Check
Let Me See
· LMCO Laughing My Cats Off
· LMFAOOO Very funny
· LMG Light Machine Gun
· LMGTFY Let Me Google That For You
· LMHO Laughing My Head Off
· LMIRL Let's Meet In Real Life
· LMK Let Me Know
· LML Love My Life
· LMO Leave Me Alone
· LMOA Misspelling of LMAO
· LMPO Laughing My Pants Off
· LMR Last Minute Resistance
· LMS Like My Status
Last Man Standing
· LMSO Laughing My Socks Off
· LMT Let Me Think
· LMTAL Let Me Take A Look
· LNF Life's Not Fair
· LNIB Like New In Box
· LNK Love And Kisses
· LNT Leave No Trace
· LO Hello
Little One
· LOA Leave of Absence
· LOADED Drunk, intoxicated
· LOAF Head
· LOB Throw
Line Of Business
· LOC Library Of Congress
· LOCAL Local public house, bar
· LOI Laughing On the Inside
· LOL Laughing Out Loud
· LOL. Laughing Out Loud
· LOLAGE The act of LOL
· LOLAK Lots Of Love And Kisses
· LOLCAT Cat picture with silly caption
· LOLED Past tense of LOL
· LOLING The act of laughing out loud
· LOLL Laugh Out Loud Literally
· LOLLY Money
· LOLO Lowrider
· LOLOL Lots Of Laughing Out Loud
· LOLV Lots Of Love
· LOLWUT What?
· LOLX same as LOL
· LOLZ Laugh Out Loud (with sarcasm)
· LOLZA same as LOL
· LOMB Lying On My Bed
· LOML Love Of My Life
· LOMO Lights Out, Missionary Only
· LOO Toilet
· LOOL Laughing Outlandishly Out Loud
· LOONY Crazy
· LOOT Money (often stolen)
· LOP Stupid person
· LOPL Misspelling of LOL
· LOQ Laugh Out Quietly
· LORL Laugh Out Really Loud
· LOS Line Of Site
· LOTD Link Of The Day
· LOTI Laughing On The Inside
· LOTR Lord of the Rings
· LOTRO Lord Of The Rings Online (MMORPG)
· LOTTA Lot of
· LOUD Good quality marijuana
· LOVL Laughing Out Very Loud
· LOW Unfair, immoral
· LOW IT Allow It, don't worry
· LOW KEY Quiet
Don't tell anyone
· LOWE Don't bother, forget it
· LOWRIDER Vehicle with modified suspension often hydraulically controlled
· LOYOL Live Out Your Own Life
· LOZ Legend of Zelda
· LP Long Play (record)
· LPG Liquefied Petroleum Gas
· LPL Misspelling of LOL
· LPT Life Pro Tip
· LQ Liquor
Lover's Quarrel
· LQI Laughing Quietly Inside
· LQL Laughing Quite Loudly
· LQTM Laughing Quietly To Myself
· LQTMS Laughing Quietly To Myself
· LQTY Laughing Quietly To Yourself
· LRF Low Resolution Fox, attractive at a distance
· LRG Lifted Research Group (clothing)
· LRL Laughing Really Loud
· LRT Last ReTweet
· LS Lovesick
Life Story
· LSA D-Lysergic Acid Amide similar to LSD
· LSAT Law School Admission Test
· LSD D-Lysergic Acid Diethylamide
· LSE London School of Economics
Low Self-Esteem
· LSH Laughing So Hard
· LSHIC Laughing So Hard I'm Crying
· LSHIDMT Laughing So Hard I Drop My Taco
· LSHMBH Laughing So Hard My Belly Hurts
· LSI Limited Social Interaction
· LSMFT Lucky Strike Means Fine Tobacco
· LSMIH Laughing So Much It Hurts
· LSP Love Sick Puppy
· LSR Loser
· LSS Last Song Syndrome
· LSTM Laughing Silently To Myself
· LTA Love To All
· LTB Looking To Buy
· LTD Live/Living The Dream
· LTG Learn To Google
· LTH Love Truth Honor
· LTIC Laugh Til I Cry
· LTL Living The Life
· LTM Laughing To Myself
· LTMA Less Talk, More Action
· LTMQ Laughing To Myself Quietly
· LTMS Laughing To Myself
· LTNC Long Time No Chat
· LTNS Long Time No See
· LTNT Long Time No Talk
· LTP Lost The Plot
· LTR Long term relationship
· LTS Laugh To Self
· LTY Laugh To Yourself
· LU Love You
· LUA Love You Always
· LUB Love
· LUBB Love
· LUBE Lubricant
· LUFF Friendly Love
· LUH Love
· LUI Living Under the Infuence
· LUL Lame Uncomfortable Laugh
· LULAB Love You Like A Brother
· LULAS Love You Like A Sister
· LULS same as LOL
· LULZ same as LOL
· LUMI Love You, Mean It
· LUMU Love You Miss You
· LUNCHBOX Bulge in a man's pants
· LURK Read a forum but never post
· LURKER Forum follower who never posts
· LURV Love
· LURVE Love
· LUSH Drunk person
Great, brilliant
· LUSM Love You So Much
· LUV Love
· LUVVIE Stage actor
· LUWAMH Love You with All My Heart
· LUX Luxury
· LV Louis Vuitton
Las Vegas
· LVL Level
· LW Lucky Win
· LWICD Look What I Can Do
· LWKM Laugh Wan Kill Me (LOL)
· LWKMD Laugh Wan Kill Me Die
· LWM Laugh With Me
· LWMB Left Wing Moon Bat
· LWP Laughing With Passion
· LWT Look Who's Talking
· LWWY Live While We're Young
· LXG League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
· LY Love You
· LY2 Love You Too
· LY4E Love You Forever
· LYA Love You Always
· LYAAF Love You As A Friend
Love You Always And Forever
· LYB Love You, Bye
· LYF Love You Forever
· LYK Let you know
· LYKE  Like
· LYL Love You Lots
· LYLAB Love You Like A Brother
· LYLAF Love You Like A Friend
· LYLAS Love You Like A Sister
· LYLC Love You Like Crazy
· LYLMB Love You Like My Brother
· LYLT Love You Long Time
· LYM Love You More
· LYMI Love You, Mean It
· LYMY Love You, Miss You
· LYMYWY Love You, Miss You, Want You
· LYR Love You Really
· LYSM Love You So Much
· LYT Love You Too
· LYTD Love You To Death
· LZ Landing Zone
TUVWXYZ0123456789 Other

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