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TBC To Be Continued
TBCH To Be Completely Honest
TBD To Be Decided
TBE To be Edited
TBF To Be Fair
TBFU Too Bad For You
TBH To Be Honest
TBM Tactical Boyfriend Mention
TBMS To Be More Specific
TBNT Thanks, But No Thanks
TBPH To Be Perfectly Honest
TBQF To Be Quite Frank
TBQFH To Be Quite F***ing Honest
TBQH To Be Quite Honest
TBR To Be Real
TBS Tablespoon
To Be Specified
TBSS Too Bad, So Sad
TBT Truth Be Told
TBTF Too Big To Fail
TBTG Thanks Be To God
TBTH To Be Totally Honest
TBTP That's Beside The Point
TBU To Be Updated
TBX To Be Exact
TBYS Think Before You Speak
TC Take Care
TCB Taking Care of Business
TCBY The Country's Best Yogurt
TCCIC Take Care 'Cause I Care
TCFC Too Close For Comfort
TCFN Take Care For Now

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