Web Abbreviations beginning T

TCFN Take Care For Now
TCFS Too Cool For School
TCG Trading Card Game
TCGB Take Care, God Bless
TCH Sound of disagreement, frustration
TCK Third Culture Kid
TCL Tool Command Language
TCOB Taking Care of Buisness
TCOY Take Care Of Yourself
TCP Transmission Control Protocol
TCP/IP Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
TCTC To Close To Call
TD Touchdown
TDDUP Til Death Do Us Part
TDDWP Til Death Do We Part
TDF To Die For
TDG Too Damn Good
Three Days Grace (band)
TDH Tall, Dark, and Handsome
TDI Turbo Direct Injection
Turbo Diesel Injection
TDL To Do List
TDM Team DeathMatch
TDOT Toronto
TDS Technical Dificulties
TDTF Too Drunk to Function
TDWP The Devil Wears Prada (Band)
TDY Temporarily Deployed for a Year
TE AMO I love you (Spanish)
TEC Tec 9 handgun
TECH Technician
TEE T-shirt

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