Web Abbreviations beginning D

DOL Dying Of Laughter
DOLO Alone, solo
DOMA Defense Of Marriage Act
DOMO Thank you (Japanese)
DOMS Delayed Onset Muscular Soreness
DON Top man, Mafia boss
DONE Finished
Drunk, intoxicated
DONNO I don't know
DOOBIE Marijuana cigarette, joint
DOODE same as DUDE
DOOFUS Stupid person
DOOM Classic FPS
DOPE Heroin
Cool, awesome
DORB Adorable
DORK Silly, socially inept person
DOS Disk Operating System
Denial Of Service (attack)
Dad Over Shoulder
DOSH Money
DOSHA Marijuana
DOSSER Lazy person
Vagrant, Tramp
DOT Damage Over Time
DOTA Defence Of The Ancients
DOUGH Money, cash
DOUGIE Swagger
Dance style
DOW Dawn Of War (game)
Dow Jones Industrial Average
DOWNER Someone or something that brings the mood down
DOWNS Downs-Syndrome
DOX Documents
DOXING Collect Personal Information
DPI Dots Per Inch
Don't Push It

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