Web Abbreviations beginning D

DEEC Decent
DEECE Decent, cool, great
DEETS Details
DEEZ These
DEF Cool, great, excellent
DEFF Definitely
DEFFO Definitely
DEFO Definitely
DEFS Definitely
DEGT Don't Even Go There (i.e. I don't want to talk about it)
DEH same as DOH
DEKE Avoid, fake, decoy
DELISH Delicious
DEM Them
DEN Then
Private room
DENCH Awesome, cool
DEPT Department
DER Duh!
DERE There
DERO Derelict, loser
DEROB Very bored
DERP Reply to stupid comment or action
DERR same as DUH
DERV Diesel Engine Road Vehicle
DESI Someone from the Indian subcontinent
DESPO Desperate
DESU It is (Japanese)
DET Don't Even Trip
DETAI Don't Even Think About It
DEVO Devastated

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