Web Abbreviations beginning D

DIPPED Fashionable
DIQUE Supposedly
DIRT Low grade marijuana
DIS Did I Say
DISO Desperately In Search Of
DISS Disrespect
DISSING Being disrespectful
DISTRO Distribution (software, music, etc)
DIT Details In Thread
DITD Down In The Dumps, sad
DITTO The same, me too, I agree
DITZY Acting dumb and innocent
DIV Stupid person
DIVA Talented, but arrogant, female performer
DIVX Video format
DIY Do It Yourself
DIZZY Crazy, mad
DJ Disc Jockey
Dow Jones
Dinner Jacket
DJM Don't Judge Me
DK Don't Know
DKDC Don't Know, Don't Care
DKFS Don't Know For Sure
DKM Don't Kill Me
DKNY Donna Karan New York
DKP Dragon Kill Points (MMORPGs)
DKY Don't Know Yet
Don't Kid Yourself
DL Down Low
DLAM Don't Laugh At Me
DLB Don't Look Back
DLC Downloadable Content
DLL Dynamic Link Library (computer file)

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