Web Abbreviations beginning P

PIGS The police
PIKEY Offensive term for a Gypsy/traveller
PILLOCK Idiot, fool
PIMPL Pee In My Pants Laughing
PIN Personal Identification Number
PINCHED Caught, arrested
PING Send a packet to a computer and wait for its return (Packet INternet Groper)
PINGAS snooPING-AS usual i see...
PINK TOE White girl
PINNER Thin marijuana cigarette
PINOY Filipino man
PIPA Protect IP Act
PIPS Easy, not difficult
PIQ Person In Question
PIR Parent In Room
PISSED OFF Mad, angry
PITCH Contribute money
PITME Peace In the Middle East
PITR Parent In The Room
PIU Pump It Up
PIX Pictures
PJ Poor/Personal Joke
Cheap alcoholic beverage
PJ'S Pyjamas, night wear
PJS Pajamas
PK Player Kill (MMORPG)
PKB Pot, Kettle, Black
PKI Public Key Infrastructure
PKIT Please Keep In Touch
PKMN Pokemon
PKS Painkillers

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