Web Abbreviations beginning I

IMNSHO In My Not So Humble Opinion
IMO In My Opinion
IMOO In My Own Opinion
IMP It's My Pleasure
IMPO In My Personal Opinion
IMR I Mean, Really
IMS Irritable Male Syndrome
IMSMR If Memory Serves Me Right
IMU I Miss You
IMUSM I Miss You So Much
IMVU Instant Messaging Virtual Universe
IMWTK Inquiring Minds Want To Know
IMY I Miss You
IMYA I Miss You Already
IMYM I Miss You More
IMYSM I Miss You So Much
IMYT I Miss You Too
IN THE BAG Definite
INAH I Need A Hug
INB I'm Not Bothered
INB4 In Before (already mentioned)
INBD It's No Big Deal
INC Incoming
INCYDK In Case You Didn't Know
INDIE Independent music
INDY Independent
INFO Information
INIT Isn't it?
INK I Never Knew
INKED Tattooed
INNIT Isn't It

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