Web Abbreviations beginning I

IP Internet Protocol
Intellectual Property
IPA India Pale Ale
Internet Protocol Address
IPC Ignore Post Count
IPO Initial Public Offering
IPOD MP3 player from Apple
IPSEC Internet Protocol Security
IQ Intelligence Quotient
IR Infrared
Injured Reserve
IRA Irish Republican Army
IRAH Insert Relevant Acronym Here
IRC Internet Relay Chat
IRCOP Internet Relay Chat Operator
IRDC I Really Don't Care
IRDK I Really Don't Know
IRIE Feeling good, alright
IRL In Real Life
IRLY I Really Like You
IRMC I Rest My Case
IRS Internal Revenue Service
ISA Inshaa Allah (Arabic), OK
ISB I'm So Bored
ISBN International Standard Book Number
ISDK I Simply Don't Know
ISDN Integrated Services Digital Network
ISH Shit
Suffix indicating vagueness
ISHK I Should Have Known
ISLY I Still Love You
ISO In Search Of
ISP Internet Service Provider
ISS International Space Station
I'm So Sorry

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