Web Abbreviations beginning I

Computer Slang beginning with the letter I

On this site you will find a list of slang terms, acronyms and abbreviations as used in websites, ICQ chat rooms, blogs, SMS, and Internet forums - a complete dictionary of slang. This page lists these acronyms beginning with I.
Please note that a few of the words stand for phrases containing words that may be offensive to some people. In those cases we have substituted asterisks, or similar, for the words in question.
TUVWXYZ0123456789 Other
· I<3U I Love You
· I'MA I am going to
· I/O Input/Output
· I18N Internationalization
· I8 Aight, aite, alright
· IA I Agree
· IAB I Am Bored
· IABW In A Bad Way
· IAC In Any Case
· IAD It All Depends
· IAE In Any Event
· IAG It's All Good
· IAK I Already Know
· IAL I Ain't Laughing
I Actually Laughed
· IALTO I Always Love That One
· IAMA I Am Mildly Amused
· IANAD I Am Not A Doctor
· IANAL I Am Not A Lawyer (this is an uninformed opinion)
· IARKT i already know that
· IAS In A Second
· IATCO I Am The Cool One
· IAU I Adore You
· IAW In Accordance With
I Agree With
· IAWTC I Agree With That/This Comment
· IAWTCSM I Agree With This Comment So Much
· IAWTP I Agree With This Post
· IAY I Adore You
· IB I'm Back
· IB2D I Beg To Differ
· IB4TL In Before The Lock
· IBAN International Bank Account Number
· IBB I'll Be Back
· IBID Ibidem (In the same place)
· IBK Idiot Behind Keyboard
· IBL In Before Lock
· IBM International Business Machines
· IBMTS I've Been Meaning To Say
· IBS Irritable Bowel Syndrome
· IBTD In Before The Delete
I Beg To Differ
· IBTL In Before the Lock
· IBU Ibuprofen
· IBUWU I'm Breaking Up With You
· IBW I'll Be Waiting
· IBYP I Beg Your Pardon
· IC I See
· ICAM I Couldn't Agree More
· ICAY I Care About You
· ICB I Can't Believe...
· ICBB I Can't Be Bothered
· ICBI I Can't Believe It
· ICBINB I Can't Believe It's Not Butter
· ICBM Intercontinental Ballistic Missile
· ICBSST I Can't Believe She Said That
· ICBW It Could Be Worse
· ICC Ice Crown Citadel (WOW)
· ICCL I Couldn't Care Less
· ICE Diamonds
Crystal meth
· ICK same as UGH
· ICLA I can't laugh anymore
· ICMP Internet Control Message Protocol
· ICP Insane Clown Posse (band)
· ICQ I Seek You (Instant Messaging Program)
· ICR I Can't Remember
· ICSL I Couldn't/Can't Stop Laughing
· ICSTAY I Can't Stop Thinking About You
· ICT Information and Communication Technology
· ICU Intensive Care Unit
I See You
· ICW In Connection With
I Can't Wait
· ICWUDT I See What You Did There
· ICYC in case you care
· ICYDK In Case You Didn't Know
· ICYMI In Case You Missed It
· ID Identity
· ID10T Computer error caused by user
· IDBI I Don't Believe It
· IDBY I Don't Believe You
· IDC I Don't Care
· IDD Indeed
· IDDQD Cheat code for Doom
· IDE Integrated Development Environment
Integrated Device Electronics
· IDEC I Don't Even Care
· IDEK I Don't Even Know
· IDEKY I Don't Even Know You
· IDEM The same, me too
· IDEWTK I Don't Even Want To Know
· IDFG I Don't Feel Good
· IDFKU I dont F****** know you
· IDFLI I Don't Feel Like It
· IDGAD I Don't Give A Damn
· IDGHP I Don't Get Hashtag Phrases
I Don't Get His/Her Point
I Don't Generally Hate People
· IDGI I Don't Get It
· IDHAC I Don't Have A Clue
· IDHTT I Don't Have The Time
· IDI I Doubt It
· IDJ I Don't Judge
· IDK I Don't Know
· IDKE I Don't Know Either
· IDKFA Cheat code for Doom
· IDKW I Don't Know Why
· IDKWTD I Don't Know What To Do
· IDKWYM I Don't Know What You Mean
· IDKY I Don't Know Why
· IDL I Don't Like ...
· IDLE Inactive
· IDLI I Don't Like It
· IDLT I Don't Like That
· IDLTW I don't like this website.
· IDLUAM i dont love u any more
· IDLY I Don't Love/Like You
· IDM It Doesn't Matter
Intelligent Dance Music
· IDMWU i don't mess with you
· IDN I Don't kNow
· IDNK I Do Not Know
· IDR I Don't Remember
· IDRC I Don't Really Care
· IDRK I Don't Really Know
· IDST If Destroyed, Still True
· IDT I Don't Think
· IDTS I Don't Think So
· IDU I Don't Understand
· IDUNNO I Don't Know
· IDW I Don't Want
· IDWK I Don't Wanna Know
· IDWT I Don't Want To
· IDWTAI I Don't Wanna Talk About It
· IDWTK I Don't Want to Know
· IE Id Est (that is)
Internet Explorer
· IED Improvised Explosive Device
· IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
· IEP Individualized Education Program
· IFF If and only if
Identification: Friend or Foe
Internet Friends Forever
· IFFY Dodgy, unreliable
· IFM In Fond Memory
· IG Ignorant
· IGG Ignore
I Gotta Go
· IGGY Ignore
· IGHT Alright
· IGI I Get It
· IGIW I guess it was
· IGM I Got Mine
· IGMC I'll Get My Coat
· IGN In Game Name
· IGNB I'm Going Now, Bye
· IGNTS I've Got Nothing To Say
· IGS I Guess So
· IGTG I Got To Go
· IGU I Give Up
· IGWT In God We Trust
· IGY I Get You
· IGYB I've Got Your Back
· IH8U I Hate You
· IHAC I Have A Customer...
· IHB i hate blondes
· IHDK I Honestly Don't Know
· IHM I Hate Mondays
· IHML I Hate My Life
· IHMS I Hate Myself
· IHNC I Have No Clue
· IHNI I Have No Idea
· IHO In Honor Of
· IHOP International House of Pancakes
· IHP I Hate People
· IHS I Hope So
· IHT I Hate This
· IHU I Hate You
· IHY I Hate You
· IHYDM I Hope You Don't Mind
· IHYSM I Hate You So Much
· IIB Ignorance Is Bliss
· IIFYM If It Fits Your Macros
· IIGHT Alright, OK
· IIH If I'm Honest
· IIL I'm In Love
· IINM If I'm Not Mistaken
· IIR Idiot In Room
· IIRC If I Remember Correctly
· IIS Internet Information Services
· IITUWUTMAS If I Tell You Will You Tell Me A Secret?
· IITWI In It To Win It
· IITYWIMIWHTKY If I Tell You What It Means I Will Have to Kill You
· IITYWTMWYBMAD If I Tell You What This Means Will You Buy Me a Drink?
· IITYWTMWYKM If I Tell You What This Means Will You Kiss Me?
· IITYWYBMAD If I Tell You Will You Buy Me A Drink
· IIUC If I Understand Correctly
· IIWII It Is What It Is
· IIWY If I Were You
· IJ I'm Joking
· IJAF It's Just A Fact
· IJDK I Just Don't Know
· IJG I Just Giggled
· IJK I'm Just kidding
· IJL I Just Laughed
· IJS I'm Just Saying
· IJWTK I Just Want To Know
· IJWTS I Just Want To Say
· IK I Know
· IKE same as DUDE
I Know, Eh
· IKEA Swedish furniture store
· IKH I Know, Huh?
· IKHYF I Know How You Feel
· IKLY I Kinda Like You
· IKM I Know Man
· IKMTY I Know More Than You
· IKN I Know Not
· IKR I Know, Right
· IKT I Knew That
· IKTF I Know The Feeling
· IKTR I Know That's Right
· IKWUM I Know What You Mean
· IKWYDLS I Know What You Did Last Summer
· IKWYL I Know Where You Live
· IKWYM I Know What You Mean
· IKY I Know You
· IKYP I'll Keep You Posted
· IL In Love
· ILD Ich Liebe Dich (I Love You)
· ILH I Love Him/Her
· ILI I Love It
· ILL Cool, tight, etc
· ILLY Fresh, cool
· ILM I lige m
· ILML I Love My Life
· ILMO In Loving Memory Of
· ILNY I Love New York
· ILS Inflated Lat Syndrome
· ILT I Like That
· ILU I Love You
· ILU2 I Love You Too
· ILUG I love you guys
· ILUM I Love You More
· ILUSM I Love You So Much
· ILUT I Love You Too
· ILY I Love You
· ILY2 I Love You Too
· ILYA I Love You All
· ILYAAF I Love You As A Friend
· ILYAM I Love You As a Mate
· ILYB I Love You Both
· ILYF I'll Love You Forever
· ILYG I Love You Guys/Girls
· ILYK I'll Let You Know
· ILYL I Love You Lots
· ILYLAS I Love You Like A Sister
· ILYLT I Love You Long Time
· ILYM I Love You More
· ILYSDM I Love You So Damn Much
· ILYSM I Love You So Much
· ILYSMB I Love You So Much Baby
· ILYSMM I Love You So Much More
· ILYT I Love You Too
· ILYTB I Love You To Bits
· ILYVM I Love You Very Much
· ILYWAMH I Love You With All My Heart
· IM Instant Message
· IM FLY im good
· IMA I am going to
· IMAHO In My Absolutely Honest Opinion
· IMAO In My Arrogant Opinion
· IMAP Internet Message Access Protocol
· IMB I'm Bored
· IMBA Imbalanced
· IMBO In My Biased Opinion
· IMCO In My Considered Opinion
· IMD In My Defence
· IMDB Internet Movie Database
· IME In My Experience
· IMEO In My Educated Opinion
· IMF International Monetary Fund
· IMGUR An Internet Image Sharing Website
· IMH In My Head
· IMHO In My Humble Opinion
· IMING Instant Messaging
· IMK In My Knowledge
· IMMA I'm Going To
· IMMAO In My Most Arrogant Opinion
· IMMD It Made My Day
· IMML It Made Me Laugh
· IMNSHO In My Not So Humble Opinion
· IMO In My Opinion
· IMOO In My Own Opinion
· IMP It's My Pleasure
· IMPO In My Personal Opinion
· IMR I Mean, Really
· IMS Irritable Male Syndrome
· IMSMR If Memory Serves Me Right
· IMU I Miss You
· IMUSM I Miss You So Much
· IMVU Instant Messaging Virtual Universe
· IMWTK Inquiring Minds Want To Know
· IMY I Miss You
· IMYA I Miss You Already
· IMYM I Miss You More
· IMYSM I Miss You So Much
· IMYT I Miss You Too
· IN THE BAG Definite
· INA in actuality
· INAH I Need A Hug
· INAL I'm Not A Lawyer
· INB I'm Not Bothered
· INB4 In Before (already mentioned)
· INBD It's No Big Deal
· INC Incoming
· INCYDK In Case You Didn't Know
· INDIE Independent music
· INDY Independent
· INFO Information
· INIT Isn't it?
· INK I Never Knew
· INKED Tattooed
· INNIT Isn't It
· INO I Know
· INOP Inoperative
In Need Of Practice
· INORITE I Know, Right?
· INPO In No Particular Order
· INR same as IKR
· INRI Iesus Nazarenus Rex Iudaeorum (Jesus of Nazareth King of the Jews)
· INRS It's Not Rocket Science
· INS I'm Not Sure
· INSIDER Inside joke
· INT Isn't it
· INTEL Intelligence
CPU manufacturer
· INTK I Need To Know
· INTP Introverted iNtuitive Thinking Perceiving (personality type indicator)
· INVU I Envy You
· INWLY I Never Wanna Lose You
· INY I Need You
· IOAB I'm On A Boat
· IOC International Olympic Committee
· IOH I'm Outta Here
· IOI Indication of Interest
I'm Over It
· IOIC If Only I Could
· IOKIYAR It's Okay If You're A Republican
· IOM Isle Of Man
· IOMW I'm On My Way
· ION In Other News
· IONO I Don't Know
· IOU I Owe You
· IOW In Other Words
· IOYK If Only You Knew
· IP Internet Protocol
Intellectual Property
· IPA India Pale Ale
Internet Protocol Address
· IPC Ignore Post Count
· IPO Initial Public Offering
· IPOD MP3 player from Apple
· IPSEC Internet Protocol Security
· IQ Intelligence Quotient
· IR Infrared
Injured Reserve
· IRA Irish Republican Army
· IRAH Insert Relevant Acronym Here
· IRC Internet Relay Chat
· IRCOP Internet Relay Chat Operator
· IRDC I Really Don't Care
· IRDK I Really Don't Know
· IRE I am going (IRE = spanish)
· IRIE Feeling good, alright
· IRL In Real Life
· IRLY I Really Like You
· IRMC  I Rest My Case
· IRS Internal Revenue Service
· IS Internet Slang
· ISA Inshaa Allah (Arabic), OK
· ISB I'm So Bored
· ISBN International Standard Book Number
· ISCSI Internet SCSI
· ISDK I Simply Don't Know
· ISDN Integrated Services Digital Network
· ISH Shit
Suffix indicating vagueness
· ISHK I Should Have Known
· ISLY I Still Love You
· ISO In Search Of
· ISP Internet Service Provider
· ISS International Space Station
I'm So Sorry
· ISSN International Standard Serial Number
· ISTATOY I Saw This And Thought Of You
· ISTG I Swear To God
· ISTM It Seems To Me
· ISTR I Seem To Recall
· ISWYDT I See What You Did There
· ISWYM I See What You Mean
· IT Information Technology
· ITA I Totally Agree
· ITAI I'll Think About It
· ITALY I Trust And Love You
· ITC In This Channel
In That Case
· ITE Alright? (Hello)
· ITF In The Future
· ITG In The Groove
· ITIAILWY I Think I Am In Love With You
· ITIKY I Think I Know You
· ITILU I Think I Love You
· ITILY I Think I Love You
· ITK In The Know
· ITM In the Mouth
· ITMA It's That Man Again
· ITN I Think Not
· ITO In Terms Of
· ITOY I'm Thinking Of You
· ITP Inside The Perimeter
· ITS I Think/Thought So
· ITSK It's OK
· ITSO In The Style Of
· ITT In This Thread
· ITTET In These Tough Economic Times
· ITV Independent TV (UK)
· ITWYM Is That What You Mean?
· ITYF I Think You'll Find
· ITYL I'll Tell You Later
· ITYM I Think You Mean
· ITYS I Told You So
· ITZ It's
In The Zone
· IUSS If You Say So
· IV Four (Roman)
· IVF In Vitro Fertilization
· IWALU I Will Always Love You
· IWALY I Will Always Love You
· IWBB I Will Be Back
· IWC Internet Wrestling Community
· IWHI I Would Hit It
· IWID It's What I Do
· IWIK I Wish I Knew
· IWIWT I Wish I Were There
· IWM It Wasn't Me
· IWOOT I Want One Of Those
· IWP Independently wealthy poster. A person who lives off of passive investment and h
· IWSNT I Write Sins Not Tragedies (song)
· IWTD I Want To Die
· IWU I Want You
· IWY I Want You
· IYA Hiya, hello
· IYAM If You Ask Me
· IYBTYBA If You Believe That, You'll Believe Anything
· IYD In Your Dreams
· IYDK If You Didn't Know
· IYDM If You Don't Mind
· IYF In Your Face
· IYGM If You Get Me
· IYH In Your Head
· IYKWIM If You Know What I Mean
· IYKYK if you know, you know
· IYL If You're Lucky
It's Your Life
· IYO In Your Opinion
· IYQ I Like You
· IYSS If You Say So
· IYSWIM If You See What I Mean
· IYT All right
· IYTE All right
· IYTT If You Think That
· IYW If You Want/Will
· IYWW If You Were Wondering
· IZ Is, it's
TUVWXYZ0123456789 Other

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