Web Abbreviations beginning I

ILYSM I Love You So Much
ILYSMB I Love You So Much Baby
ILYSMM I Love You So Much More
ILYT I Love You Too
ILYTB I Love You To Bits
ILYVM I Love You Very Much
ILYWAMH I Love You With All My Heart
IM Instant Message
IMA I am going to
IMAHO In My Absolutely Honest Opinion
IMAO In My Arrogant Opinion
IMAP Internet Message Access Protocol
IMB I'm Bored
IMBA Imbalanced
IMBO In My Biased Opinion
IMCO In My Considered Opinion
IMD In My Defence
IMDB Internet Movie Database
IME In My Experience
IMEO In My Educated Opinion
IMF International Monetary Fund
IMGUR An Internet Image Sharing Website
IMH In My Head
IMHO In My Humble Opinion
IMING Instant Messaging
IMK In My Knowledge
IMMA I'm Going To
IMMAO In My Most Arrogant Opinion
IMMD It Made My Day
IMML It Made Me Laugh
IMNSHO In My Not So Humble Opinion

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