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What does WBY mean?

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What is WBY?

WBY is "What (A)bout You?"

WBY Definition / WBY Means

The definition of WBY is "What (A)bout You?"

The Meaning of WBY

WBY means "What (A)bout You?"
So now you know - WBY means "What (A)bout You?" - don't thank us. YW!
What does WBY mean? WBY is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explained above where the WBY definition is given.
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YCDB you can do better
YCMIU You Couldn't Make It Up
YCMU You Crack Me Up
YDEK You Don't Even Know
YDG You Dig?
YDI You Deserve It
YDK You Don't Know
YDMS You Don't Make Sense
YDMT You Don't Mean That
YDS You Don't Say
YDU You Don't Understand
YDWTK You Don't Want to Know
YER Your
YF Your Friend
YFW Your Face When ...
YG Young Gangster
YGG You Go Girl
YGI You Got It
YGLT You're Gonna Love This
YGM You Get Me?
You've Got Mail
YGPM You've Got Private Message
YGTBK You've Got To Be Kidding
YGTBKM You've Got To Be Kidding Me
YGTI You Get The Idea
YGTR You Got That Right
YHA Youth Hostel Association
YHBT You Have Been Trolled
YHBW You Have Been Warned
YHGASP You Have Got A Serious Problem
YHL You Have Lost
YHM You Have Mail
YHNI You Have No Idea
YHTBT You Had To Be There
YINS You guys, you all
YITB Yours In The Bond
YITE Are You All Right?
YJLTG You Just Lost The Game
YK You're Kidding
YKHII You Know How It Is
YKIMS You Know It Makes Sense
YKTR You Know the Rest
YKW You Know Who
YKWIM You Know What I Mean
YKWIS You Know What I'm Saying?


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